Shams Media

 Alongside his acting career, Bashar diligently pursued a media diploma from Roya Academy, augmenting his professional repertoire. He further honed his craft by undertaking an internship at a prominent television channel and actively engaging in immersive filmmaking workshops. Harnessing his astute executive acumen and administrative prowess, Bashar founded Shams Company as a strategic springboard for a diverse array of media and cinematic endeavors.

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Nafs Season 1 - نَفْس الموسم الأول

Being a key member of the Shams team, Bashar oversaw the development of the Nafas program and provided essential support to bring the project to fruition despite limited resources and a tight budget, especially considering the team's relative newness. Through the collective dedication of all team members, with a special mention to the director, they successfully launched the first season, which garnered significant acclaim.

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Season One

 Nafs Season 2 - نَفْس الموسم الثاني

Following a successful debut season, despite facing some challenges, the team managed to produce a second season of the show with enhanced capabilities and quality, thanks to the established network of relationships. In this season, Bashar took on additional responsibilities beyond producing and video editing, stepping into the role of director. This shift allowed Bashar to showcase his unique directorial talent and vision.

Season Two